Winter is a tough time of years.  There’s a lot of spending money on presents, it’s cold, your heating bill goes up, it’s windy and cold, it just feels like winter is trying to make a home inside your house and break your budget.  If you’ve ever been on the fence about winterizing your home, i have good news.  It’s worth the effort and there are ways to do it on a budget.

“Winterizing” not only make you warmer and more comfortable, but it also saves you a lot of money!  Think about it.  If you’re paying to heat your home to 70 degrees and its 20 degrees outside, without winterizing your house, your heater will likely never take a break. Between all the windows and doors in your home, you could be losing a lot of money to keep your house warm if you’re not protecting the places where the cold can come in.   

Here are a couple of easy things that you can do to start saving money with very little work:

1. Get a programmable thermostat – now this doesn’t have to be expensive to be effective.  It changes the heat when you aren’t home, so you are not paying to heat an empty house.

2. Change the temperature – In the winter the best temperature to keep your house at is 68 degrees. It’s just warm enough, to keep you comfy, and your pipes will not freeze.  Whats better than that?  However, it’s easy to think that by changing your temperature by huge swings will help, but dropping the house to 50 degrees when you are working  or away from home, can actually make your heating bill worse, because your heater has to work even harder to get back up to the temperature you keep when you are home.

3. Wrap your hot water heater in a blanket – Yes this is a thing!  It sounds silly, but it really works and makes a big difference.  If your hot water heater is in the basement, like mine is and close to an exterior wall, then it’s fighting extra hard to keep that water hot.

4. Get yourself some pipe insulators – most hot water pipes also run along exterior walls.  So hot water, now traveling along a cold wall, is now only luke-warm at best. But you do not have to crank the heat on your hot water spigot just to feel like it’s working.  Pipe insulators just shimmy right on those pipes, extremely easy to do.  They are not expensive and they last a long time.

5. Get door snakes for exterior doors and your basement and attic doors – If you’ve never heard of it before, it’s just a piece of foam that covers the inside and outside of your exterior doors, and you can usually get 2 of them for under $15. 

6. Wrap windows in plastic – This is relatively inexpensive as well and is an easy way to help save some of your hard earned money.

7. Putty caulk the exposed cracks in window frames or you can also buy a foam-n-fabric draft snake.  Cut the 36-inch foam tube provided to length and slip the washable cover over it.  Then you just place the snake on the sill and shut the window on it to seal the deal.  This very inexpensive and easy to install solution, can save you money this winter and keep you warm and cozy.

8. Make sure that your doors have a tight seal – If not, then you can go out and get some rubber seal.  Also, inexpensive and easy to install.

I hope these simple tips will help keep you toasty this winter, and keep more money in your pocket.