Bought a home in 2009 in Crompton, West Warwick, RI 02893.

I have conducted business with thousands of people in RI over the past forty Plus years. I met David when I was looking for investment property in 2009. Upon meeting him, I couldn’t help but to notice his laser like focus on what I was looking for and what was best for my interest. This immediately noticed dedication is what sold me hook, line and sinker on David. It was obvious that he wanted what was best for his client first and foremost before he even thought about his commission check. In 2010 I purchased a duplex that required special private financing until the house was ready for a bank mortgage. Naturally, with David at the helm it went as smooth as silk. I recently wanted to buy a low priced, foreclosed home that had mold and septic issues. David took it upon himself to research all the costs that I would incur and outright refused to sell it to me to protect my best interest. If that isn’t above & beyond the call of duty, I don’t know what is! I have never met a person in any field of endeavor that is any more loyal, honest and dedicated. If you ask me how to spell integrity my first choice would be David Tatangelo. I am proud and honored to call him my Realtor and my Friend. His very presence makes one want to become a better person