Sold a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $300K in Coventry, RI.

From the sale of our home to the purchase of our new home, we had a wonderful experience with David Tatangelo. He aggressively marketed our home in multiple venues, making sure our home received widespread attention. He kept in contact with us with updates in a timely fashion and was not only available to show our home in a moment’s notice but also to arrange for us to visit homes that we might be interested in buying. He gave us feedback for every showing and suggested price adjustments in a tactful, honest manner. Always courteous and receptive, he took our suggestions into consideration as well. In addition, David answered whatever questions we threw at him showing a high level of professionalism. We feel that David went above and beyond what most real estate agents are willing to do. We worked with an excellent agent but we now also have a good friend.