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The real estate industry can be complex. It can be difficult to navigate buying or selling a home—so why not work with a realtor and make life easier? With our experts at the Dave T Team @ RE/MAX, you can feel confident you’ll get the outstanding service you deserve. We’ve been serving Coventry, RI, and the surrounding areas for years and, as such, can provide you with expert advice and reliable guidance. Trust us to help with all your real estate needs today.


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Our Neighborhoods


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Sell Your Home Without the Stress

Are you preparing to sell a property? If so, then you might want to get in touch with a professional listing agent. Selling homes and commercial buildings can be a major undertaking; you not only have to market the property but also get it ready for sale, negotiate with buyers, and more. Working with a realtor can make things easier and take the stress off your shoulders.

Work with the Dave T Team @ RE/MAX and make selling a home easy. A real estate agent from our team can work with commercial and residential properties alike. When you trust our experts, you’ll get world-class assistance, comprehensive service, and knowledgeable advice.

Find the Perfect Property

Finding your dream home can be difficult. Buying a home takes more effort than just looking through properties and picking one you like; you need to secure a loan, make a solid offer, get a home inspection, and much more. This can all be incredibly overwhelming, and so it’s often beneficial to work with a professional buyer’s agent.

Our team is here to help you find your perfect property near Coventry, RI. We have extensive knowledge of the local area and use that to help you find a home in a good location. We’ll work with you to hunt down properties that fit your criteria and stay within your budget. Whether you’re looking for a waterfront property or a standard single-family home, we can assist you. In addition, we can help investors find solid rental properties. Call us today for a free needs consultation. We can provide discounted rates to veterans, military, and first responders.

Let Our Team Help with Your Real Estate Needs

The Dave T Team @ RE/MAX is here to help with all your buying and selling needs. Call (401) 465-0263 or use the contact form to get in touch and request a free consultation.

We assist buyers, sellers, and investors in the following areas and all of Rhode Island.