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Get ready to find your dream home! At the Dave T Team @ RE/MAX, we’re prepared to help you hunt down properties that perfectly meet your needs. When you work with a buyer’s agent from our team, you’ll get personalized service and outstanding advice. No matter where you are around Coventry, RI, you can count on us to give you the service you deserve.

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Our real estate agency can:

  • Help you find a range of houses for sale, from single-family homes to waterfront properties.
  • Assist you in the process of obtaining a loan.
  • Give you an in-depth explanation of what the buying process will be like.
  • Negotiate with sellers on your behalf.
  • Help you with any necessary paperwork.
  • Schedule home inspections to make sure the property’s in good condition.

A buyer’s agent from our team is prepared to walk you step by step through the buying process. If you’re ready to work with a reliable real estate agent near Coventry, RI, then consider calling. Get your free consultation today.

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